ResKids Advent 2020

November 29, 2020


Dear Families, 


Usually this time of year finds our Sunday mornings filled with angels, shepherds, and sheep preparing to retell the story of Christ’s birth. And it’s this time each year that we are sticking ourselves with tree needles as we put our Advent wreaths together. These traditions remind us and our kids that it’s time. It’s time to prepare our hearts and our lives for Christ’s coming. Sadly, we won’t be able to prepare together in the same way as in previous years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the good news of Jesus’ coming. 


We want to equip your families with resources that will allow you to celebrate and anticipate the birth of our Savior with your kids. This Advent we are distributing ResKids Timeline Trees to create a visual reminder in your home of God’s rescue plan for his people. Each week we will have about 5 stories and crafts to take us from Genesis to Bethlehem. The stories can all be found in the Gospel Storybook Bible that we use in Children’s Church. We chose the stories that really help create an arc of God’s love and His overcoming His people’s rebellion, the stories that remind us that we cannot save ourselves and we truly need to be rescued from our sin.


These trees were lovingly made by church members and include materials donated by church members. They can be disassembled and reused next year. We hope that they will be a great blessing to you.


The crafts are designed to be done independently by all but the youngest class. The kits include almost everything you need. Common supplies such as scissors and glue will be available to take if you need them. There are also extra copies of the Gospel Storybook Bible. 


Resurrection Park Slope Children’s Ministry exists to teach and remind children that they are the beloved children of God and that they are a part of His story that began at the very beginning of time. We hope these resources will allow us to continue our mission together even as we are apart this Advent. 


We pray that this Advent season will be filled with the anticipation of the newborn King!



Amy and Rebecca


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