Dear RPS Family,

The Pastoral Search Committee would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support and to thank God for blessing our work and our church.  This Thanksgiving holiday is often a time of introspection, and if we’re being honest, for the past 20 months many of us have felt more isolation, weariness, and despair than community, joy and hope.   The only constant has been constant change; our church, our neighborhood and our world have felt, at best, ‘not quite the same’ and, often times, entirely upside-down. 

But this update is one of gratitude, joy and encouragement

We were excited to send our packet into the world in early October, but then came the hard part…waiting for the fruits.  We needed to keep working - praying together, making phone calls, and tapping into our networks – all powered by your prayers.

Then…crickets…... “This is normal,” we were told. “You want them to consider wisely”.  But we admit, we waited impatiently.

So we doubled down on contacts as we fine-tuned interview questions, covering all areas from leadership, worship, and ministry styles to discipleship philosophies, mission work, views on theology and culture.  

And we waited.  And continued to pray, read psalms and work to strengthen our own trust and faith in the Lord.  As we work to grow in our walk in Christ, we feel God at work more deeply in us, in our group, and in our church. 

Then last week… Woohoo!  Our first application. We were ecstatic! 

A couple days later, our applicant pool had doubled!  Then another came, and another.  We had a great almost 2-hour meeting on Wednesday reviewing the four applications, with healthy debate and discussion from all.  The mailbox is still open for more, but we are off and running, planning first round interviews before the end of the year.

We have no doubt that God has been with us the entire time, but we admit to some moments of discouragement; we need your continued prayers for the committee, for our church, and for the candidates, as we embark on this next phase.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…for all your love and support.

In Christ,

Joe, June, Anna, Christy, George, Mary, Roland, Ryan